Anto Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a variety of the most common questions about Anto's bespoke custom made shirts. 

  • What is the difference between Anto bespoke and Anto 1955 shirts?

    Anto bespoke is the classic line where each client has a custom pattern created for him or her in order to have the perfect fit. Anto bespoke clients also have access to thousands of fabrics and limitless styling options.

    Anto 1955 is a line under Anto that has a create your own shirt section, just like Anto bespoke there is a custom pattern created for each client. We have chosen a limited amount of fabrics and styling options that we feel are popular and trending. This line allows customers who can not visit one of our locations to experience Anto craftsmanship and quality.

  • How do I get my measurements for Anto 1955?

    There are three ways in which you can get your measurements to us:

    • A client can measure his favorite fitting shirt by following the instructions provided in the measurement section.
    • A client can get his measurements taken by following the instructions provided in the measurement section.
    • You can mail us your favorite fitting shirt and we will take the measurements for you.
  • How do I take care of my shirts?

    If you send your shirt out for laundering, please specify no starch and no machine press. We advise you to have your shirt hand pressed.

    You should only send your dark shaded shirts out for dry cleaning.

    We recommend the services of Custom Laundry and Cleaners in Sherman Oaks, CA (818)788-5455.

    If you are washing the shirt(s) at home make sure to turn the shirts inside out to protect against fading or damaging the surface.

  • Will my shirt shrink?

    The body of an Anto shirt does not shrink. However, depending on how the shirt is washed and pressed the collar and cuff may shrink up to half an inch.

  • Can I request style features that are not available in the 1955 shirt options?

    Yes, you can send us an email with a request and we will get back to you.

  • Do I need to create an account to order?

    You do need an account to place an order.

  • What are the starting prices of Anto shirts?

    Anto bespoke shirts start at $375

    Anto 1955 shirts start at $300

  • Is there a minimum order?

    Anto bespoke has a minimum order, of six shirts, for first time orders.

    Anto 1955 has no minimum order requirements.

  • Where are Anto shirts made?

    All of our shirts are made in Los Angeles, California.

  • Will my measurements be filed for future orders?

    Yes, your measurements will be stored for both Anto bespoke and Anto 1955.

  • What if I can’t tell what certain fabrics look like in the create your own shirt section?

    We will be happy to send swatches, just send us an email.

  • Do you offer gift certificates?

    Yes, we do offer gift certificates. Click here to send a gift certificate to a loved one.

  • Is there a fit guarantee?

    Yes, there is a fit guarantee.

    On the initial purchase of an Anto 1955 shirt (“Create Your Own Shirt”), regardless of the number of shirts you create, Anto will produce one shirt and send it to you for your approval before proceeding with the rest of the order. Should any alterations be necessary, we will make them within thirty (30) days of our receipt of the Shirt at our facility. If after two (2) adjustments you are still not satisfied with the Shirt, you may request a full refund, in the form of a gift certificate/store credit.