The Beverly Hills Shirt

May 31, 2018

Beverly Hills.
The city is America’s gem in luxury and authenticity. Amongst the fashion brands that are housed on the streets of Beverly, Rodeo and Wilshire, remains an American staple that has perfected the gentleman’s classic essential, the dress shirt. Since 1978 Anto has catered to everyone from the Beverly Hills resident to the Hollywood Stars. Within those years Anto's roots have grown alongside the city that embodies grandeur, elegance and immense detail. Staying true to our heritage of expert craftsmanship and fine shirt making, we have created the Anto Beverly Hills Label to introduce an exclusive collection of shirts and ties that embrace the identity, leisure and luxury of Beverly Hills. Marked by the Beverly Hills signature crest, this label has introduced to the world the authentic shirt of Beverly Hills.

The label will feature seasonal capsules of limited shirts and ties in original styles and unique designs being made with exceptional craftsmanship. The materials and fabrics used throughout the label are at the same level of quality and prestige as Anto Bespoke. The collection is designed and made in California, USA.

Summer 2018

The label's first collection is the Summer 2018 collection. The shirts are made from a colorful palette of linen shirts and one short sleeve palm tree jacquard shirt, all inspired by a laid back summer in Beverly Hills. Solid colored long sleeve linen shirts feature an embroidery of the Beverly Hills signature crest, each in a unique placement. The silk ties feature a crisp Beverly Hills pattern in vibrant colors for a more formal approach. This collection will be available for a limited time throughout the summer.