La Via del Cotone

January 01, 2018

The Cotton Road - A Journey Into The Discovery Of White Gold | Milan, Italy: Via della Spiga “Open Air” Exhibition June 11th - 25th, 2015

Anto was invited by the Albini Group to be featured in the “Open Air” exhibition on Via della Spiga, in Milan, Italy. The relationship between Albini and Anto dates back over five decades. The Albini Group is one of the leading shirting fabric manufacturers in the world, supplying high quality cloth through their four brands: Cotonificio Albini, Thomas Mason, David & John Anderson, and Albiate Milano.

The Albini Group transformed Via della Spiga into La Via del Cotone "The Cotton Road.” This exhibition extended through the entire block, displaying Albini's cloths and Anto's fine shirting. As you walk the street and view the exhibition you would learn about the entire shirting process. It began by unveiling the transformation of cotton as a raw material to the shirting fabric produced by Albini. Thereafter, the illustrations explained how the fabric is then crafted into a finished shirt by Anto.

Jack, Anthony, and Sevag attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. It was surreal to walk the streets of Milan and see years of work displayed through photos of material, craftsmanship and archives for all to experience and take notice. Enjoy some of the many memories of Albini's gracious presentation: