The Beverly Hills Shirt

May 31, 2018

Beverly Hills.
The city is America’s gem in luxury and authenticity. Amongst the fashion brands that are housed on the streets of Beverly, Rodeo and Wilshire, remains an American staple that has perfected the gentleman’s classic essential, the dress shirt. Since 1978 Anto has catered to everyone from the Beverly Hills resident to the Hollywood Stars. Within those years Anto's roots have grown alongside the city that embodies grandeur, elegance and immense detail. Staying true to our heritage of expert craftsmanship and fine shirt making, we have created the Anto Beverly Hills Label to introduce an exclusive collection of shirts and ties that embrace the identity, leisure and luxury of Beverly Hills. Marked by the Beverly Hills signature crest, this label has introduced to the world the authentic shirt of Beverly Hills.

The label will feature seasonal capsules of limited shirts and ties in original styles and unique designs being made with exceptional craftsmanship. The materials and fabrics used throughout the label are at the same level of  quality and prestige as Anto Bespoke. The collection is designed and made in California, USA.


Summer 2018

The label's first collection is the Summer 2018 collection. The shirts are made from a colorful palette of linen shirts and one short sleeve palm tree jacquard shirt, all inspired by a laid back summer in Beverly Hills. Solid colored long sleeve linen shirts feature an embroidery of the Beverly Hills signature crest, each in a unique placement. The silk ties feature a crisp Beverly Hills pattern in vibrant colors for a more formal approach. This collection will be available for a limited time throughout the summer.

Anto Shirts In Film: 2017

February 20, 2018

An exclusive behind the scenes look at some of the bespoke shirting and accessories made through collaborations between Motion Picture Costume Designers and Anto for films released in 2017. Uncover special insights about shirting details, including fabric details and unique period styles. Discover the finished looks through courtesy photos provided by the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising from their annual "Art of Motion Picture Costume Design" Exhibition. 


Phantom Thread 

Costume Design by Mark Bridges | Actors dressed in Anto: Daniel Day Lewis
Daniel Day Lewis's character was set in the 1950's in London. His shirting was to be made for the appearance of his role as a designer. The shirt seen in the photos below is made from Swiss cotton fabric. The French cuffs give the shirt the formality of its time, along with its classic fit and box pleat front placket. Mark Bridges' work as designer for "Phantom Thread" won him nominations and awards for Best Costume Design throughout multiple award ceremonies. 

The Greatest Showman

Costume Design by Ellen Mirojnick | Actors dressed in Anto shirts and ascots: Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman's character defines the ringmaster of 19th century show business. The white shirt made to be worn under the red vest and coat is made from a textured herringbone Swiss cotton fabric. It is paired with an off-white silk jacquard ascot. All the shirts made for Hugh Jackman were made with an extreme spread collar and single French cuffs. The tuxedo shirt he wears in the second photo is made with pique details in the bib and cuffs. Ellen Mirojnick's work as designer for "The Greatest Showman" won her nominations for Best Costume Design throughout multiple award ceremonies. 

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Costume Design by Arianne Phillips | Actors dressed in Anto: Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum's role is characterized by a modern Western style. His Western Anto shirts are made with oxford fabrics constructed from cotton. The shirts feature double flap pockets, white button snaps, and a front and back Western yoke. Arianne Phillips' role as designer for "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" won her a nomination in the Costume Designers Guild Award for Excellence in Costume Design for a Contemporary Film.

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

Costume Design by Laura Jean Shannon | Actors dressed in Anto: Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson's character wears an Anto Safari shirt throughout the film. The exhibit photo does not show the shirt made by Anto. This Safari shirt is made with a tan lightweight linen fabric and features a soft finish collar, double pockets with box pleat flaps, and a blox pleat front placket. 

Battle Of The Sexes

Costume Design by Mary Zophres | Actors dressed in Anto shirts: Steve Carell and Emma Stone
Steve Carell portrays a professional tennis player with athletic styled shirting. He plays a significant part of his scenes dressed in colored knit stretch pullover shirts. The classic tennis polos are made using knitted pique cotton, featuring a three button front placket. 

All The Money In The World

Costume Design by Janty Yates | Actors dressed in Anto shirts: Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg's character is set in the 70's. He wears classic styled 70's dress shirts with edge stitched point collars. The blue shirt is made using a solid poplin fabric constructed from 100% Egyptian cotton.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Costume Design by Francine Jamison-Tanchuck | Actors dressed in Anto shirts and ties: Denzel Washington and Tony Plana
Denzel Washington's character undergoes two different styles as his role and wardrobe modernize in present day Los Angeles. The pieces made for Denzel Washington include classic fit dress shirts and ties.

American Made

Costume Design by Jenny Gering | Actors dressed in Anto: Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise's character is styled as a modern American living in the late 70's. Anto shirts feature pocketed linen shirts, Western denim shirts, and casual poplin cotton dress shirts in short and long sleeves. 


Costume Design by Francine Jamison-Tanchuck | Actors dressed in Anto shirts and ties: Algee Smith, Anthony Mackie, Nathan Davis Jr., Jason Mitchell, Peyton Alex Smith, Malcolm David Kelley, Tyler James, Leon Thomas III, Miguel Pimentel, Joseph David Jones, Jacob Latimore, and Ephram Skyes
The shirting made for 'Detroit' resembles the year of 1967 in the city of Detroit. Vintage fabrics were used in creating casual sport shirts with soft collars. Formal bow ties and tuxedo shirts were made for a full cast. 

The Shirtmakers Symposium

February 01, 2018

Pitti Uomo 2018 | Florence, Italy: Anto Beverly Hills was invited as a participant to represent the United States at The Shirtmakers Symposium hosted by Simon Crompton, founder of Permanent Style, and Silvio Albini of Albini Group.
The event was held during Pitti Uomo Menswear at the grand Palazzo Gondi, Florence, Italy. The venue set an inspiring tone as the very workings of Leonardo da Vinci veiled the walls. A panel of the world's leading shirtmakers from The United States, London, Hong Kong, and Italy discussed their personal origins as shirtmakers, their techniques of shirtmaking, and unique preferences of style. A full video of the debate can be found on Permanent Style

Anto Beverly Hills Pitti Uomo Dress Shirts

The Shirtmakers Symposium at the Palazzo Gondi

Jack Sepetjian Anto Shirts Pitti Uomo

Jack Sepetjian Anto Shirts Pitti Uomo 2018

Jack shares his personal insights of the shirtmaking craft that he has helped build over the last 34 years at Anto. In describing his business, the underlying message is “It’s all about bespoke.” He distinguishes between the types of clients he interacts with daily and what type of unique service each one requires. Jack explains how he guides them through the process to make the most out of their bespoke experience at Anto.  He then shines light on the entertainment niche that Anto caters to and how each film and show becomes a micro-project where the team at Anto collaborates with designers to meet sharp deadlines in producing shirting for multiple actors and actresses. Intertwined between private clientele and studio productions, Jack elaborates on the bespoke process. He discusses the importance of communication; the measurement process, where up to a sixteenth of an inch is recorded; the level of craftsmanship and the end to end solution on how to maintain a custom shirt.

Anto Custom Dress Shirt On Display At Pitti Uomo

Every shirt maker was asked to create a feature shirt on the less formal theme of "smart/casual." This Anto bespoke signature look is made using Thomas Mason's Hampton twill fabric which helps keep the shirt looking pristine. Jack singled out the Hampton twill 140’s thread count cotton as his personal day to night go-to fabric for his own shirts. It features a spread collar with a white cape and angle cut French cuffs. The contrast white cape casualizes the look of the shirt while bringing attention to shape the face. Referring to the modern man, Jack spoke on how the white contrast collar and French cuffs gives the shirt a distinct look that can be worn transitionally throughout the day. This look is suitable for a smart informal office environment that can be dressed casually unbuttoned without a tie, or formally with a tie.

La Via del Cotone

January 01, 2018

The Cotton Road - A Journey Into The Discovery Of White Gold | Milan, Italy: Via della Spiga “Open Air” Exhibition June 11th - 25th, 2015

Anto was invited by the Albini Group to be featured in the “Open Air” exhibition on Via della Spiga, in Milan, Italy. The relationship between Albini and Anto dates back over five decades. The Albini Group is one of the leading shirting fabric manufacturers in the world, supplying high quality cloth through their four brands: Cotonificio Albini, Thomas Mason, David & John Anderson, and Albiate Milano.

The Albini Group transformed Via della Spiga into La Via del Cotone "The Cotton Road.” This exhibition extended through the entire block, displaying Albini's cloths and Anto's fine shirting. As you walk the street and view the exhibition you would learn about the entire shirting process. It began by unveiling the transformation of cotton as a raw material to the shirting fabric produced by Albini. Thereafter, the illustrations explained how the fabric is then crafted into a finished shirt by Anto.

Jack, Anthony, and Sevag attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. It was surreal to walk the streets of Milan and see years of work displayed through photos of material, craftsmanship and archives for all to experience and take notice. Enjoy some of the many memories of Albini's gracious presentation:


Award Season By Anto

March 04, 2017

Award season is an exciting time at Anto. We are not only reminded of the unique experiences that we have shared with designers, actors and directors from the productions that we have worked with, but we are also thrilled to see the members of the casts dressed in their Anto shirts on the Red Carpet. In 2017, we worked closely with Colleen Atwood in producing shirts and accessories for Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. Her amazing work on this film earned her the award for Best Costume Design at The 89th Academy Awards. Anto also worked with many designers for award winning films: Mary Zophres for La La Land with shirts made for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, Christopher Lawrence for Ray Donovan with shirts made for Liev Schreiber, and many more. After the hard work is done and admired by people worldwide, those involved gather to celebrate. We’re proud to be a part of the memorable months of the Hollywood Award Season, dressing Hollywood stars and congratulating them on their success.

The 89th Academy Awards

Ryan Gosling dressed in a white Sea Island cotton soft ruffle Anto tuxedo shirt with black edging on the ruffles, coupled with a black bespoke Anto velvet bow tie. 


The Ruffle Shirt 

Dwayne Johnson in a white bespoke Anto tuxedo shirt paired with a black bespoke Anto satin bow tie. David Oyelowo dressed in a white bespoke Anto pique tuxedo shirt with a wing collar made in a way where the bow tie strap is not visible. 

43rd Annual People’s Choice Awards

Johnny Depp in a blue bespoke Anto dress shirt alongside Dwayne Johnson in a blue bespoke Anto dress shirt both winning awards at the 43rd People's Choice Awards.

74th Golden Globe Awards

Ryan Gosling dressed in a white bespoke Anto tuxedo shirt paired with a black bespoke Anto velvet bow tie. Milo Ventimiglia wearing a white bespoke Anto tuxedo shirt paired with a black classic Anto bow tie.

Jeff Bridges alongside his wife, Susan Geston, attending the award show. Jeff Bridges dressed in a navy classic Anto bow tie.