STEP 01. Measurements

The Anto bespoke process involves over 21 measurements. A shirting expert will record your posture and any other factors that could affect the fit of your shirt.

STEP 02. Styling

You will be exposed to endless possibilities as you browse through a collection of over 4,000 of the finest fabrics sourced from the world’s leading mills. Along with fabric, a variety of styles for collars, cuffs, and fine detailing are viewed and selected.

STEP 03. Pattern Making

A skilled craftsman will use your measurements to create a paper pattern of your shirt, made to precision. This pattern will be filed along with your order inside Anto’s renowned Sherman Oaks factory vault.

STEP 04. Crafting The Shirt

Now is when your shirt journeys throughout the factory. The fabric is first washed to ensure no shrinkage once finished. It is then cut by hand to your pattern. It transitions to a team of seamstresses and tailors that use hand-worked sewing machines to craft your shirt together, piece by piece, to perfection.

STEP 05. Fitting & Finalizations

Fittings are essential in ensuring the perfect fit. Once the first shirt of your order has been made, we either meet with you at our showroom or ship the shirt to you for a try on fitting. After necessary adjustments are made and you are happy with the fit we proceed to completing the entire shirt order.