Anto Bespoke Dress Shirts

The Dress Shirt is the heart of the Anto brand. Made by skilled craftsmen for clergy, royalty, presidents, politicians and renowned leading media figures, Anto dress shirts have become the basis for the perfect custom made shirt. The elements that come together to master the custom made dress shirt consists of premium materials, craftsmanship, fit, and understanding of our client’s needs. At Anto, only the finest materials are used in creating a shirt; everything from the latest luxurious fabrics sourced from premium European mills to Mother of Pearl buttons. Various qualities of fabrics from cottons to silks can be used to make a custom dress shirt. These fabrics come in different weaves and finishes such as Sea Island Cotton, royal twills, poplins and many more classic cloths. Bespoke dress shirts are made by taking twenty-one measurements of the body to ensure the ultimate perfect fit. Fashioned for both business and evening wear, Anto dress shirts are created to be worn throughout the day until night. Dress shirts can be highly accessorized with classic, matching, or contrast bow ties and ties. The impeccable attention to detail and ability to be versatile in order to meet a client's need is what places Anto at the forefront of American custom shirt making. Visit our online shop for ready-made dress shirts. To order a bespoke dress shirt please make an appointment or email us. Enjoy browsing Anto's collection of bespoke dress shirts.