Anto Bespoke Collars

The collar is one of the first components of a shirt that attracts attention. It is what reveals the dresser's personal style and unique facial features, as the collar frames his or her face. To enhance physical features or achieve a defined personal look, Anto provides access to many different collar styles including the point collar, spread collar, rounded collar, tab collar, pin collar, button-down collar, and many more. The craftsmen at Anto have years of experience, which has allowed them to create their own unique shirt making process. The maestro shirt makers are capable of adjusting existing patterns of collars to best fit an individual's wants and needs. This includes making the band higher or lower, the collar points longer, shorter, or making the points more spread apart or narrow. Along with changing the dimensions, Anto gives clients the option of adjusting the style of a collar for a dress shirt, casual shirt, formal shirt, or tuxedo shirt. This includes the weight and type of lining used. It can be from heavy lining, for stiff and standing collars, all the way to extremely soft collars, with no interlining. The impeccable attention to detail of a collar and the ability to be versatile to meet a client's needs is what allows an Anto shirt to have a collar that is set seamlessly with the rest of the bespoke shirt.