Bespoke shirts make up the foundation of the Anto establishment. Bespoke is defined as clothing that is personalized and custom made to a client’s specifications. This form of tailoring is an art form that dates back centuries. Though the bespoke clothing process has evolved through the years, Anto has taken shirt making to a paramount level by combining traditional methods with the latest technologies, to deliver the perfect shirt made to a client's exact liking. 

The evolution of the perfect shirt begins as you walk into any of Anto’s locations. You will immediately be exposed to endless possibilities with thousands of premium and exclusive fabric selections. The most common and popular fabric for everyday use is constructed from cotton. Along with a massive library of cotton materials, Anto carries a large selection of linen and silk fabrics. New pattern and color choices for fabrics are consistently being released. For this reason, Anto travels to Europe every year to maintain a resourceful and current selection of fabrics from the finest European mills in the world. Similar to the fabric selection, Anto has many styling options that are completely customizable. From French cuffs to barrel cuffs, spread collars to pointed collars, single pockets to inverted pockets, fabric detail work to monograms, bespoke is comprised of inexhaustible variations. Enjoy browsing through Anto's bespoke curation of collars, cuffs, shirting, and recently added fabrics.